Personal Style Coaching


Have you ever wanted to change your wardrobe, change the way you dress, learn about mixing and matching to make most of your wardrobe, transform yourself or wanted to enhance your personality, but didn’t know where to turn to an expert to guide you….well then you are looking for me, Personal Style Coach.

Why you need Style coaching?

Your style is your expression of who you are, an essence of your personality, how you portray yourself to the world, how you feel inside and express it outside….if you wished at times that there was an expert a friend who could guide you to dress better, feel better, help you understand the nuances of your body types, what suits you, where you may be going wrong, what enhances your personality and make you feel more confident….so here I am, Personal Style Coach….

What Do I do?

As a Style Coach, I arm people with tools to showcase their personalities further to look fabulous, and in the process boost their confidence while staying true to they you are….and this style journey makes them realise more about themselves and helps them to express themselves better and with a new sense of style…..which is what I love most about what I do.

How do I coach?

My sessions are highly personalised and custom designed as each one of us is unique. I design my Style Coaching to play to your strengths. I begin with knowing and understanding about Your likes, dislikes, your lifestyle and and then take it from there.

During my sessions I would help you understand your body types, what looks good and enhances your personality,wardrobe consultation and trends within perimeters of who you are and your lifestyles so that over a period of time you are armed with tools to do it all yourself and take your confidence notches up, which by the way is why I do it with a big smile.

What else do I do?

There are times when you have special occasions in your life,  work space, within family or just meeting a friend. And you need someone to guide you and coach you what to wear when and how, without overdoing it, help you with style planning, for all the events….voila here I am, Fashion Stylist , Be it everyday casual, festivals , weddings, Important corporate events or special holidays you could turn to me for Individual fashion styling.

How to contact me?

You can email me directly on [email protected]