Skin Awareness Week with Galderma

Galderma celebrated Skin Awareness Month and I was invited to be part of it, in-fact skincare junkie in me had a great time there. There was a Panel discussion with a few Social Media Influencers and Skin doctors on the panel and they discussed everything skin. Needless to even mention since it’s my favourite topic I was all ears. We played a skin quiz and yours truly was like an eager kid there who knew all the answers . 

Dermats have always fascinated me , one may think one knows enough but when you talk with experts you know it’s not enough. Like they discussed how too much exfoliation isn’t good for pigmented skin and why PH of your skin is important . How a lot of people wait till skin has issues to start taking care of it and I am one of those people. I had great skin because of genetics but then factors like lifestyle , environment and stress wreaked a havoc and took me a while to make peace with now I need to take care of skin. Went to Dermatologists for advice and then over a period of time through trial & error, experience and research and of course Dermat advice and prescriptions .

The key topic of discussions that day included acne and pigmentation , two of my major skin concerns.  I got to know that over exfoliation could make hyper pigmentation worse , well I didn’t know that, it was an education for me .

Galderma Skin Awareness Month

 Sometimes all we need to do is care for the skin and use products that are formulated after considerable research for skin concerns.  Later that evening I got to take home and try one of my favourite skincare brand’s  new formulation products, Cetaphil has been a personal favourite and so often recommended to me by dermats I have seen over a period of time for my skin issues. So what’s new , they have new formulation and have added gentle ingredients such as Glycerine that is known to improve  Hydration, Niacinamide for Brightening and Panthenol for moisturizing . Say Hydration and I am sold. 

DAM (Ultra Hydrating Advance Moisturizer) from Cetaphil  is a moisturiser , it contains a unique blend of shea butter & macadamia nut that provides 24 Hr Hydration and I can vouch for how effective it is as I have been consistently using it for years now. They also have a sunscreen Cetaphil Sun, one can use SPF 30 when indoors and SPF 50 when outdoors, the plus point is that it doesn’t leave any white residue after application which is problem with lot of sunscreens and Cetaphil Sun is also water and sweat resistant which means you can use it outdoors in summers or while swimming without worrying about your sunscreen wearing off.

One cannot not talk about the iconic Cetaphil Cleanser or face washes if I may. If you dry skin then you can use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, it’s gentle and effective  removes impurities from the skin and doesn’t make the skin dry. Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser is formulated for oily and acne prone skin that removes only excess oil . Cetaphil is gentle and has something for all skin types.

Cetaphil moisturiser
Cetaphil Cleanser & Moisturiser

Currently I have an allergic acne bout and guess which face wash is prescribed by my Skin Doctor, well no marks for getting its Cetaphil and thanks to Galderma I already have one . Cetaphil facewashes are just no brainers when it comes to skincare , they are gentle and effective and I say this with a considerable amount of experience of using them over the years.

A good face wash shouldn’t leave your face dry and the Hydrating ingredients in it just does that besides cleaning duties it also is moisturising .

Cetaphil for radiance
Cetaphil Toner & Cetaphil Brightening Night Cream

Besides Cetaphil I also got to take home a hamper from Biluma , which  is a Galderma brand too. Luma meaning light, Biluma is science based skin brightening , nourishing and rejuvenating range.

Skin’s Circadian rhythm is a very interesting concept and its effect on skin was discussed during the panel discussion , any disturbance in that can lead to early signs of aging, hyperpigmentation (I have been dealing with this) , uneven skin tone, wrinkles, laxity, dull dry skin. 

So what helps balance Skin’s Circadian Rhythm , the answer is Skin Nourishment, Brightening , Rejuvenation and protection  and Biluma just does that, it’s the No. 1 Dermatologist recommended range in the Brightening category suitable for all skin types for a healthy, bright, and glowing skin by balancing the skin circadian rhythm. I have started using the products and already see visible difference in my skin , it surely has brightened .

Like I mentioned I have been dealing with hyperpigmentation and I don’t even know why I got it , I don’t have genetic history neither did I get during my pregnancy and I feel its so difficult to get rid of it . I have tried many products some effective some not so effective and being a firs time Biluma user I can surely vouch for its effectiveness and I already see some change in my pigmentation and I understand importance of consistency when it comes to addressing skin issues , going by results already I am rooting for Biluma to make considerable difference in my hyperpigmentation.

Biluma advance for hyperpigmentation
Biluma Advance Day Cream & Biluma Advance Night Cream

Biluma range has cleanser, creams and lotions. Let me quickly take you through the range.

Biluma advance skin brightening face wash  is gel like , brightening and non -drying. Biluma Advance Skin brightening Lotion is hydrating and gently brightens the skin and evens skin tone. Biluma Advance day cream protects, brightens and nourishes the skin from sun damage , it rejuvenates the skin too. Biluma advance Night cream is hydrating and brightens and evens skin tone along with reducing wrinkles and fine lines . Biluma advance cream for sensitive areas brightens and evens skin tone for areas like underarms, inner thighs and neck .

Biluma advance
Biluma brightening face wash, Biluma Skin Brigtning Lotion , Biluma Advance Cream

Both Cetaphil and Biluma are recommended by dermatologist and work for all skin types. While Cetaphil has been a regular in my skin care routine , Biluma is a new addition and works on my skin issues that bothers me most, hyper pigmentation and like I mentioned earlier I can already see the difference and I see myself using it regularly .

So have you tried any of these skincare products, do let me know or if you plan to add these to your skincare routine then I will looking forward to your feedback too.

Till then Ciao & happy healthy skin to all !!!

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There is a new Masque in Town!

Staying at home the past couple of months has marked a shift in lot of things for us. Self-care has come to the forefront and something that we have started, not only indulging in but also specifically taking out the time for. Beside our health and mental well-being, we are focusing on skincare too. I definitely feel like I rediscovered skincare during this time. I have become more aware of what is actually effective on my skin, what exactly works and what does not. I have had a long skincare journey and my skin is at its best now because of a healthy lifestyle, good sleep cycle, lots of water, along with a lot of trial and error as well! Errors have been amended, and things that have been effective have become a regular in my skin care routine. 

As a part of trying new things, I laid my hands on the Dermafique Bio Cellulose masques, as recommended by a friend. Here is my honest and unbiased opinion about the masks. 

While using the Dermafique masques I realized, they fit better on the contours of my face, had higher efficacy because of high levels of concentration, don’t tear upon application (sheet masks are often fragile) and sheet masks are often synthetic and non-Bio Degradable, whereas these Bio Cellulose masks are made with Biodegradable Bio Cellulose Masques. 

Another important thing to note is that Bio Cellulose Masks are Made from 100% Natural Coconut Water which in itself helps supplement natural moisture and nutrients to the skin.

Talking about how to use the Cellulose Mask. Clean your Face, the mask comes in 3 layers one needs to detach the woven layer and place the mask on the face and then remove the Outer film. Then gently press mask on the face for a close fit. In my experience it fits well and once on your face you don’t have worry about the mask falling off. I go about doing my chores while the mask does its magic. Keep the mask on for about 30 mins and then gently rub remaining product onto the face.

dermafique face masque

Talking about how to use the Cellulose Mask. Clean your Face, the mask comes in 3 layers one needs to detach the woven layer and place the mask on the face and then remove the Outer film. Then gently press mask on the face for a close fit. In my experience it fits well and once on your face you don’t have worry about the mask falling off. I go about doing my chores while the mask does its magic. Keep the mask on for about 30 mins and then gently rub remaining product onto the face.

Dermafique has 3 varieties in their Cell-by-Cell Bio Cellulose range – all three made from 100% Natural Coconut Water. The Charcoal Masque mask is for deep pore cleansing, helps unclogs pores and does make the skin feel cleaner and brighter. I did feel sneaky clean after using the mask and trust me that’s a great feeling when it comes to skin.

The Second Mask the Pore Tightening Masque that tones the skin. This mask detoxifies and purifies the skin making it look softer, smoother and firmer. Again, a decent mask and skin did feel a bit firmer after use. 

The Third Mask is the Tone Perfecting Masque. This mask is for reducing the appearance of blemishes and dark spot. After using this mask my skin definitely felt brighter.

dermafique Masqe

A side note skincare is all about consistency and using right products. When I say I notice changes after using a product it means it was better than how my skin was before using the product. No Magic just effectiveness of the products, the magic is in consistency of using the products combined with healthy eating!

Will I buy these masks? 
Yes I will. Dermafique is one brand that has continuously innovated in the skincare category and these Bio Cellulose masques are just one stepping stone on their journey, that I enjoy being a part of! Let’s Get Masquing guys!

In case you would like to try these you can get them here .

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