3 Travel Destinations On My Bucket List

3 Travel Destinations I surely want to take off my bucket list soon for I believe that to travel is to take a journey into oneself…a wise man once said and I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know if you feel like the destinations call out to come experience them…not like a tourist but like a traveler…. I have some places that I have always wanted to visit but haven’t been, just as yet… or so is life, my resolve is to take these 3 off my bucket list soon….I want to fly and experience the flight of my dreams to these destinations…


How nice would it be if all I had to worry about when I plan my travel is packing my bags and rest is taken care of by Air India Express and everything is just easy breezy …

For I know once I go there I would be ready to be at someplace else….




 I don’t know since when, but for a very long time Florence has been on my list to visit and not just  visit like a tourist, but to hang in there for a while like a traveller and explore the beauty, old world charm, the lanes and the by lanes of this beautiful city. I feel I definitely have a karmic connection with this city, it is calling me and I have to visit this gorgeous city at least once. The fact that it encapsulates the old world feel and the new age fashion scene all at once,  just makes me want to visit and explore Florence at least once and bask in the glory of this wonderful destination.


florence italy_aianaj_travel blogger _indian blogger



Florence street




Yes ….yes… yes…New York, there is something that I feel about the pace and life in New York or maybe it’s the vibe that the city exuberates that makes me want to experience it once. It has long been my dream to be a part of the revelry of New Year’s Eve celebration at the Times Square, and just go for long walks along the village streets, explore the eclectic New York fashion, go see the statue of liberty… and explore the places not written about, write about them, take some beautiful pictures and make beautiful memories of having visited the icon of a city that New York is.






I guess this is one city I just want to go and shop. Go visit the Oxford Street, go see Harrods , go window shopping , indulge in some actual shopping, find more fun places to shop, eat at English cafes, and be as giggly and touristy as I can be, because I will be in London then and that’s exactly I wanted to do when I got there…. and to forget to match my watch timing to the Big Ben while standing by the beautiful bridge over Thames.



harrods london

…..travel you must,  it opens up the world for you…wander because all those who wander are not lost….and for the uninitiated, I know of a very cool place to book your tickets…

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