8 Fragrance Tips &Tricks You Should Definitely Know….

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No matter how well you are dressed, or if you have got your Shoes, Makeup, Clothes bang on, ‘if thou doesn’t smell nice the impact isn’t wholesome and complete’ …right…!!!

It is always pleasant to meet someone who also smells nice, with nice I am definitely not implying the after aroma’s that stay and is a too much of a overdose of a fragrance..;-)  I have put together some Do’s and Don’ts and some Tricks and Tips for a Fragrant You ….Here We Go...

1. Do not store your fragrances in your bathroom or other damp or warm places , the heat and humidity tend break down the perfume and bring down the texture of the fragrance. Instead store them in a dry and cool place.

2. When testing perfumes to buy, always wait till your skin has dried before your smell, as the first fragrance you smell is the First Note of the scent which disappears fast.

3. Just after taking the shower, before dressing up, is the best time to spray the perfume as the moisture in your skin will lock the scent. Also it prevents the delicate clothes and jewellery from being stained by the perfume.

4. This is my favourite tip, just rub some vaseline on your pulse points before you dab or spray your perfume on them, this makes the scent last much longeryou have to try this…

5. Spray a little  perfume on your hair brush before combing your hair, voila……your hair would be lightly and pleasantly scented….

6. How about creating your own custom scent… try spraying a couple of fragrances on the blotters, smell and see if you like it, once you have found what you like test it on your skin as the perfume may smell a bit different once applied, if you like what you created…taadda…you have your own custom perfume ready.Just make sure that use the stronger fragrance before you layer it with the lighter one so that the former scent doesn’t overpower the later.

7. When out or travelling you can keep cotton swabs sprayed with perfume handy in a small zip pouch in your handbag, they can be used for q quick touch-up throughout the day. I feel its much easier to carry cotton swabs than a perfume bottle.

8. spray a bit of my favourite perfume in my dresser drawers, line them with tissue and my clothes  have a hint of my favourite fragrance…..it is my trick to fab smelling clothes even when I take them out from the drawer….

…have fun with your perfumes and creating your own signature scents…write to me about all your fashion and style queries, your STYLE DOCTOR signing off…keep them coming

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